FastCAM License Dongle
USB Dongle
with Unique License Number
Software Licensing & Security

FastCAM use two different forms of anti-piracy technology designed to verify that the FastCAM product you purchased has been legitimately licensed. Hardware protected (dongle) and Software Protected (serial number). All licenses sold over the web are Single User although multi-user versions are available for selected products.

FastCAM® (including embedded programs FastPLOT™, FastNEST®, & FastPATH™), FastPIPE™, FastFRAME™ and FastTRACK® are protected by a USB Security Key, commonly known as a Dongle. In addition, some of the older versions of FastLINK™, FastBEAM™ and FastSHAPES® were dongle-protected.

All licenses sold over the web are for a Single User or Workstation, however you are free to install dongle-protected products on multiple PC's and move the dongle from PC to PC for activation.

The dongles are etched with a unique number. The dongle is also encoded with a specific, per-user license key, which enables particular features in the application. Our dongle database tracks these numbers and records all the options that have been enabled. If you obtained your software from a machine supplier, you can email us your License (dongle number) and we will tell you what software programs can be activated.

A Software License Manager is now used to protect the following FastCAM products: FastCAM® Quote Everything™, FastCUT®, FontGEN, Outline, FastSHAPES®, Tradesman in a Box™, FastBEAM™, FastCAM® CAD Analyzer and FastLINK™.

This method of security is designed to be simple and unobtrusive for customers who legitimately acquire the software license and is used by most major software distribution companies.

All licenses sold over the web are for a Single User or Workstation and are locked to the unique ID of a specific PC.

When you purchase your software online, an email will be sent with your License ID number. You enter this number, along with the password you created. This activates the software.

What happens if I upgrade my PC?
Common changes to hardware such as upgrading a video card, adding a second hard disk drive, adding RAM or upgrading a CD-ROM device will not require the system to be reactivated however if you buy a new PC or change your Operating System, you will need to re-insall the software. See below. (Note that the dongle-protected product licensing is not affected by hardware changes however some of the older dongles may need to be upgraded to the latest style for Windows 7 & 8).

If you are upgrading your hardware or operating system there is a feature inside our software that allows you to disable the licensing for the program. This is the best method because you can change hardware as many times as you like. From a licensing control perspective, we still view it as one Activation Code. Go to the Help menu in your Program. If you have forgotten your Serial Number and Password, you can obtain your license details through the Web Portal.

Is it possible to transfer a license to another computer?
Yes however the product must first be uninstalled/de-activated and removed from the previous computer. Go to the How To area of the FastCAM Community Forum for more information.

Are 'cookies' or 'Adware' placed on my computer when I activate?
No. There is absolutely no 'secret' data transfer. However, the product checks itself from time to time to see if it is registered and if it is still on the same PC.


I have entered the License ID code but it failed. What am I doing wrong?
1. Check the data and password you entered carefully. It is case sensitive so check your Caps Lock.
2. Is this the correct computer? Each computer will have different Serial Numbers and cannot be changed by the user.
3. Have you updated your computer? If so the software might not run. You must obtain a new Activation code. See below.


In certain circumstances you will need to contact us to reactivate your software. This may occur for example where the network card is changed in your computer without you having had a chance to de-activate the licensing for the program. Reactivations are strictly controlled to ensure adequate security and proper licensing of the software. There is a limit on these re-activations and the application is subject to approval by FastCAM. It is at FastCAM’s reasonable discretion as to whether or not the user would have to Pay for a Product Upgrade, Service Fee or New License. If you want to apply for a Re-Activation Code email us and we will instruct you on the process.


Unfortunately, FastCAM cannot re-license any download programs sold through our web store prior to December 2012 because we have moved to a new licensing technology and the older licensing technology is obsolete. You will need to re-purchase a current version through our web store.

FastCAM reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.