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FastCAM articles have appeared regularly throughout the years in publications including Metal Service News, The Fabricator, Modern Metals, AWS and more. Here are some samples. Click the associated press snippets to view the ad or read the full article.

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FASTCAM KEY MESSAGES - Modern Metals, April-October 2014 & Modern Metals December 2014 to 2015 (current)
'Cut Smarter, Quote Faster' advertisement with our key messages: CAD/CAM Nesting $999, Accurate Processing Quotes, Over 40 products, 60,000+ NC machines. Read the current digital edition.

FastCAM Cut Smarter, Quote Faster advertisement

BUILDING MACHINES IN CANADA - Article by Mary Scianna, Shop Metalworking Technologies
Features Paul Bhogel of Rhino Cutting Systems, partnering with FastCAM to bring leading-edge weld preparation beveling technology for 3D plasma shape cutting to the market. The company’s facility in Stoney Creek, ON, is capable of producing four to five machines a month. Rhino is in the process of setting up Canadian distributors in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Read the article.

RIGHT THE FIRST TIME - Article by Nick Wright, Modern Metals 12-2012
Features Tony Trujillo of Castlebrook Welding & Fabricating, Casper, WYO, a long time user of FastCAM® software. Oil rig fabications is where FastShapes® is particularly useful for Castlebrook... "It's a really big time saver instead of doing all the old-fashioned formulas on paper." "The layout of the FastShapes® is phenomenal" Trujillo says.

read the full Fastshapes feature

FASTCAM DOUBLE VEE - Promo, in FFJ thru 2012
The FastCAM® 3D Plasma Upgrade allows a cutting machine to perform a wide range of weld preparations (as distinct from simple chamfering or single pass beveling) but the Double Vee is where there are dramatic savings. The welding time, staff, skill, cost savings in Double Vee are incredible, as highlighted in this advert.

FastCAM Bevel Double Vee Advertisement

FASTCAM WELD READY - Interview, FFJ 09-2012
Dr. Matthew J. Fagan, president of FastCAM Inc., explains the benefits of automated weld preparation to the heavy fabrication industries. Dr. Fagan holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics and is a pioneer of CAD/CAM software. He had worked in his father’s steel processing business and saw first hand the need to invent practical solutions.

FastCAM Weld Preparation FFJ Interview with President

LEAVING THE NEST - Article, Jim Barnes for Shop Metalworking Tech 08-2012
Jim Barnes is a Toronto based journalist with more than 30 years experience in writing about manufacturing and technology. Jim interviews FastCAM, Hypertherm and SigmaTEK to look at where nesting is today.

Leaving the Nest Article

3D PLASMA UPGRADE - Promo in The Fabricator thru 2011
Series of Bevel Head ads featuring the unit in various colors, urging customers to Upgrade their 2D cutting machine to 3D plasma.

FastCAM 3D Plasma Advert

PRECISION WELDING - Article, AWS Welding Journal, Feb 2011
A technical article written by FastCAM President Dr. Matthew J. Fagan and FastCAM Senior Engineer Mike McCormick on Plasma Beveling Technology for the application of plate weld preparation for the American Welding Journal.

FastCAM Precision Welding article published in AWS

ESAB OEM PARTNER - Brochure, China, 2011
FastCAM partners with Esab to bring new technologies to the market.

FastCAM Esab OEM Partner Brochure

Forming and Fabricating: Details the testing process to precision cut K bevels in weld-ready parts with a hi-def plasma torch to an accuracy of +/- 1mm.

FastCAM Weld Prep article published in AMT

METAL CENTER NEWS - Full Page, 12-2010
Corporate Profile detailing our latest nesting efficiences in quotation, new 3D weld processing and our introduction of products via our web store.

FastCAM Corporate Profile published in Metal Center News