FastCAM® Editions

The FastCAM® System is packaged and priced to suit your needs and budget. This is a list of the main features in each Edition which are all 'complete systems'. All include multi process support for cutting, marking, drilling, tapping & full CAD compatibility. The NC editions include integrated post processors from our supported list. Boxed Product is shipped with CD/manuals/dongle.

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FastCAM Drawing Editor v8 $199 per year (Download)PDF

A handy all-in-one program for Salespeople in a Modern Service Center.

Redesigned and enhanced to be a practical solution for problems relating to steel estimation and sales. Create and verify accurate geometric shapes AND intelligently handle a number of common 3rd party digital files with ease: CAM, DXF, DWG, NC 1 and PDF files. Use standalone or as a companion program to our Quote System.

  • **NEW - Ribbon interface with simplified CAD toolbar.
  • **NEW - Inbuilt Parametric Shape Library.
  • **NEW - Simple radius dimensioning.
  • **NEW - Bulk import of CAM to DXF.
  • **NEW - Improved adding/editing of Bevels.
  • **NEW - User customization options: drawing re-sizing etc.
  • **NEW - File OPEN dialog for better file previewing with CAM Part detail.
  • **NEW - Improved detail display for Entity verification.
  • Opening of large files and drawing of Control Points is now 40-50% faster.
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FastCAM NC - Single Part Cutting $399 (Boxed)

Ideal NC solution for low volume or small runs and single part cutting.

Would typically be used for low utitilised machines or where there is constant repetition cutting of the same parts with little requirement to nest or merge with other components.

  • Lowest Cost NC solution. Draw-Path-Cut.
  • Simplest System - Set the start point and direction of cut!
  • Fully integrated Drawing Editor (as above).
  • FastPLOT™ NC simulation and verification.
  • Part array function allows you to manually create a basic nest.
  • Outputs (Fast)CAM, DXF, IGES & NC code.
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FastCAM Standard - Repeat Part Cutting $499 (Boxed) PDF

For businesses that do mostly repeat work with low item counts in each nest.

Meets the entire needs of these businesses even where there is a need for the occasional highly nested project which can be achieved with a manual layout.

  • A complete manual NC solution. Draw-Path-Nest-Cut.
  • Fully integrated Drawing Editor (as above).
  • FastPLOT™ NC simulation and verification.
  • FastNEST® Interactive single part/single plate manual nesting.
  • Array and remnant nesting.
  • Outputs (Fast)CAM, DXF, IGES & NC code.
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FastCAM Professional - High Duty Cycle $999 (Boxed)PDF

For businesses that may get five different jobs with multiple parts and thicknesses.

Where machines are fully utilised every day of the week with a variety of jobs, the customer will reap the benefits using the very latest in advanced cutting technology. This is a full featured, fully automated system with a focus on saving time, plate and piercing.

  • A full featured, fully automated NC solution. Draw-Path-Nest-Cut.
  • Fully integrated Drawing Editor (as above).
  • FastPLOT™ NC simulation and verification.
  • FastPATH™ Automatic tool pathing (reduces programming by 50%).
  • FastNEST® Automatic multi part/multi plate nesting.
  • Bridge Nesting, Common Cutting, Chain & Stitch Cutting, Multi-variable torch cutting.
  • Patented EdgeSmart™ technology to reduce piercing & maximize material usage.
  • Auto array and remnant nesting.
  • Bulk DXF input/output etc for faster programming and processing.
  • Automatic generation of cut list.
  • Skeleton Breakup for safer remnant removal.
  • Outputs (Fast)CAM, DXF, IGES & NC code.
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PDFFastCAM® Feature Comparison Chart you tube video you tube video
NC Editions - Feature SummaryNCStdPro
2D Drawing Editor with CAD Tools
Import DXF, DWG, StruCAD, DSTV/NC1, IGES files.
Convert vector based PDFs to CAM.
Multi-torch & hi-def plasma support
Secondary process support (drilling, marking etc)
Integrated postprocessors with ESSI, EIA machine language support
Interpret/clean/compress CAD files
CAD part extraction and cut list
Automatic nesting from cut list
Edit, Verify and Output NC code
Output (Fast)CAM, DXF, IGES & NC code.
Kerf compensation (offset)
Estimating data (cut time, distance, material etc)
Reverse engineer NC files
Convert holes to points (for drilling)
Line & drill point marking
Tabbing & ability to move pierce points
Manual tool pathing
Automatic tool pathing, nest analysis, collision check
Full Shape Nesting - DXF, DWG, NC, CAM, DSTV
Triangular (odd shape) Nesting
Manual Array Nesting
Automatic Array Nest (matches similar size parts)
Remnant Nesting (nest into cut plate)
Manual Nesting (add parts one at a time)
Interactive Nesting (jostle, move, rotate parts)
Automatic Nesting (nest multiple parts based on your settings)
Common Cut Nesting
[Simple] Bridging (manually connect parts)
Bridge Nesting (various automatic options)
Chain cutting & Stitch cutting
Multi torch cutting
Multi torch variable cutting
EdgeSmart Technology
Bulk processing of files
Single plate nesting
Nesting over multiple plate
Cut Nest by Process OR Part
Part Marking in Nesting (visual ID)
FastCAM Text Marking -for part ID (with scribe)
Movement Thermal Anaylsis
Gas Axe (skeleton breakup)

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