FastCAM® User Reviews

The flagship product FastCAM® has been used by many thousands of satisfied users around the world. Customers are usually happy to testify to FastCAM's practicality and ease of use. These user reviews are the most common types of positive feedback.

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"I’d never done a drawing in my life before FastCAM®. I had purchased a CAD package years ago and never could get it running. After 10 days with FastCAM® I built the first tank truck. Now it’s our livelihood. " Ray Castleberry, Castleberry Welding.

"Thanks for your help [rescaling a part]. That was a little tough to understand from the manual, but you made it easy and I really appreciate it. I made the right decision going with Fastcam. I'm enjoying learning the software and once I got the whole thing going, it took an hour before someone approached me and it was already making money. "Mark Witteveen, Metallic Marine Art

"I just wanted to let you know that FastCAM® has been a blessing. We are a small metal fabrication business that had to outsource a lot of our programming because we felt we didn't have the knowledge to run such programs. When I decided that I would take a stab at learning how to draw and program various parts for our plasma cutter, I knew it would be a challenge as I am not what you call 'computer literate'. As you know, I have been amazed at how easy FastCAM® was to learn. Every once in a while I will run across something that is a little more complicated, however, with the assistance from you and your customer service, I was able to learn quickly what I needed to do. I just want to let you know how much I have appreciated your assistance and look forward to working with FastCAM® in the future. FastCAM® has made it easy for our company to grow our skills. We are no longer dependent on external programmers." Kim Copeland, Derby Trailer Technologies

" FastCAM® has revolutionized the way I’ve done my business." Pierre Chouinard, Pro-Tran, Inc. Charleston, IL

"I'd like to say thank you to ALL the staff at FastCAM for providing a great is always extremely friendly and professional. I have always gone away with another problem solved. Our CNC profiler is the heart of our production and I'm extremely grateful that all problems that arise are overcome immediately. It's nice to know that our problems can be solved quickly over the phone. Thanks again for providing a great product and a great service. "Nick Dimitriou, Manager, Dimitriou Fabrications.

"After our phone conversation I thought I would drop you a note to say how pleased I was with the FastCAM® & FastSHAPES® Software and how easy it is to use." Dean W. Felin, President, DC&F Products

"Being a small but well equipped fab shop, we have found that FastCAM® has positively impacted the way both small and large jobs move from order to delivery. In the last financial year we produced 32% more product without additional staff and minimal overtime. We attribute much of our increased productivity to our library of FastCAM® products which we use every day. We are happy to recommend FastCAM to other fabrication businesses."[JCA Fabrication were awarded 'Excellence in Manufacture' for the Southern Highlands Region in 2011] " Phil Ryan, Manager, JCA Steel Fabrications

"I am writing to you regarding our purchase and use of your FastCAM® & FastNEST® programs. The use of FastNEST® resulted in substantial savings for the company. R.C. "Chuck" Solly, CMfgE, Lab Supervisor, N. Dakota State University

"Our students are excited and truly enjoy using the FASTCAM® and FastSHAPES® software as they learn and build their skills in the manufacturing and fabrication trade. We at Southeast Community College look forward to working with FastCAM in the future as you provide a vital link in the development of our students and hence our continued success in supplying industry with highly skilled and qualified technical graduates." Mark J. Hawkins Instructor/ QA Manager, Welding Technology/ Accredited Test Facility, Southeast Community College Nebraska

"We designed a bridge unit which was constructed and cut using FastCAM® software. Quite an achievement I believe from both parties. Note this unit weighs approx. 300-tonnes. " Ron Ryan, Mould Loft Supervisor, BAE Systems Australia-Maritime

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