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An optional extra for FastCUT Editions for Metal, Wood & (Flat) Glass.

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FastCUT® Labels, is an optional program that you can purchase to use in conjunction with any of the versions of the FastCUT® Optimization software program.

FastCUT® Labels is the easiest and quickest way for you to produce printed adhesive labels with cut list data generated by FastCUT®. This is such an efficient way to label and identify all of your cut parts!

When you purchase and download the FastCUT® Labels program the software will automatically install as a separate program which you can activate through the FastCUT® Optimizer toolbar. You can also run the program independently and load in the FastCUT® data file that relates to your specific job. FastCUT® Labels is compatible with all current popular Windows operating systems. It requires a Windows compatible printer and adhesive labels that can be purchased from any office supply company.

  • Use the brand, style and label sheet size of your choice. (You can select almost any label size)
  • Select the relevant stock and part data you want printed on your label.
  • Enter the number of rows, number of columns and the distance from the edges of the page.
  • Preview the template layout and change the page settings if required.
  • Print your sheet of labels with the data you have selected to identify each of your parts.

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