FastCUT® Wood

Produces fast and accurate estimates and cutting lists for Rectangular, Linear or Stock Length materials cut with Saws.
Ideal for estimating and factory floor staff. Editions for Metal, Wood & (Flat) Glass.

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1D/2D nesting engine

Cabinet Makers, Wood Merchants, Lumbar Yards, Builders and Carpentry Tradesmen, Laminate Distributors and Suppliers etc

Suits Rectangular, Linear or Length Materials and our customers use both manual and automatic cutting processes.

Nests Square, Rectangular and Stock Length Material to Produce Cost Estimate & Cut List

FastCUT® sheet layout software provides optimal cutting plans for rectangular and linear optimization. Powerful algorithms deliver substantial savings in seconds and the program generates pick lists and cutting patterns. Use for wood panels and 'like' products for maximize yield. Handles multiple stock sizes and parts consolidation. Optimize on material or handling. Cut and Paste from Excel. Covers sheared and sawn processing with kerf width allowance for saw blade.

FastCUT® solves the time consuming process of quoting and calculating materials and is probably the most cost effective tool that you can add to your business because it not only saves you time and materials, it speeds up production and controls waste. There's not a lot of software in this price range that affects your bottom line in such an easy, instant and dramatic way. FastCUT® lets even small job shops incorporate powerful nesting efficiencies into their business.

You can obtain an estimate on dollars per cut and dollars per material so it's ideal as a quick and simple estimation tool. Cutting lists, nest images and costing reports can all be printed, as can material Utilization and Dimensioned Patterns.

Optimization for us is about getting the greatest possible yield from material by trying millions of computer generated layouts. Sometimes it is about working out what stock to order in the first place. Even small improvements can result in large savings of material and considerably reduce production costs, maximizing the material utilization and hence minimizing the [wasted] area. The optimization/nesting technology used today is vastly improved on what it was even several years ago because of the fantastic increase in micro speeds.

FastCUT® Wood is sold as a standalone product and like all FastCAM® products, it is designed to be used in your business immediately with the minimum of user instructions and data input.

  • Fast (Printed) Cutting List!
  • Produces your 'best price' on material for fast estimates.
  • Quote customers immediately!
  • Use FastCUT® to help with ordering.
  • Saves Material "Why cut up more than you have to?"
  • Optimizes Remnant before using Standard size Stocks.
  • Produces simple reports for analysis.
  • Works as a standalone solution.
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