Included as part of a fully integrated FastCAM® system, the FastNEST® plate shape CAD CAM nesting software will either automatically or interactively place two dimensional (2D) shapes in an optimal pattern (nesting) suitable for cutting via a variety of processes, primarily oxy-fuel, plasma, laser and water-jet cutting equipment.

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Nesting into remnant plate with rapid moves

cnc nesting software for plasma, oxy, waterjet and laser cutting machines

automatic true shape cad cam nesting for cnc cutting machines


FastNEST® is purpose built true shape CAD CAM nesting software for CNC shape cutting machines. The FastNEST® nesting algorithm is designed to optimise both the material usage and the sequence of cutting. C-Shaped and L-Shaped parts are allowed to interlock which allows unlike parts to be nested together as well as nesting one part inside the cutout of another part. The rotations of the parts are all considered before the shapes are layed out. In most cases, FastNEST® will automatically provide the maximum utilization of material in the minimum amount of time, however there are instances where operators need to change nests and manually position components. Other factors such as grain can often preclude automatic nesting. For this reason, FastNEST® has many manual and semi-automatic features.

FastNEST® can quickly identify better stock utilization by running 'what ifs' from your cutting lists. FastNEST® can nest into standard stock plates or any remnant shape. Integrating the optional FastTRACK® remnant database system further optimizes and automates the utilization of cut plate. Multiple primary processes are supported such as mixed Oxy-fuel and Plasma cutting and a large range of NC controls are supported for output. FastNEST® also supports all secondary machine processes such as marking, text marking, drilling, multiple torches, multi-torch nesting, multi pass single torch bevel cutting etc.

FastNEST® features :

  • Reads/Nests NC Code including, Unix-based, ISO, EIA, ESSI in Metric & Imperial.
  • Nests (Fast)CAM and DWG/DXF, IGES & DSTV.
  • Fast, single and auto pair arrays (including offset arrays) for same parts.
  • Nests into Remnant or scrap material.
  • Jostle feature to super pack nests.
  • Pre-pierce option for better quality cuts and torch optimization.
  • Moveable pierce points with simple point & click.
  • Easy dynamic part rotation for fast manual optimization of nests.
  • Small hole option allows for variations in cutting speed.
  • Hole avoidance (Rectangular & Straight) to produce nests that can be run unattended.
  • Automatic Kerf compensation.
  • Multi-Torch simulation to run through different scenarios before cutting.
  • Trim Plate after nesting for return to stock (Straight or contoured).
  • Cut in Part or by Process. Eg. Cut 'Process by Process' (Mark entire nest, then Drill entire nest, finally Cut entire nest) OR process Part by Part, meaning that each part will be processed before moving onto the next part (Eg, Mark, Drill, Cut).
  • Common Cut Nesting & Post nest optimization including Bridging, Tabbing, Chain Cutting & Stitch Cutting
  • Multiple Strip Cutting & Multi Pass Cutting (checks for Patterns or Arrays to improve speed).
  • Collision checker to detect cutting mistakes.

FastNEST® is now available as part of a complete 3D bevel system.

FastNEST® is included in the FastCAM System. Features included vary depending on the Edition.

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