NC Code Editor and Simulator, included as part of the FastCAM® System, although it is available as a module for machine builders who want code verification and part costing only. Another option we offer to OEM's is a module bundle for single part cutters with complex parts allowing users to draw or import the file, automatically tool path it and send to the machine instantly.

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simulate the cutting process on your PC before you send the file to the NC machine

You can match specific DXF layer names to processes shown in different colors


FastPLOT™ allows complete verification of machine code on a personal computer. You can debug CNC code quickly and easily. Our NC Verification & Code Editor will also provide cutting time and distances as well as net and gross material utilisation thereby making it ideal for costing and estimating of individual parts or complete nests. The program can also read and convert existing NC code for reverse engineering into CAD DXF files or proprietary FastCAM® CAM files.

FastPLOT™ offers the following features and benefits:

  • Direct NC Editor, Read and write NC code with full simulation.
  • Automatic NC collision checker to detect overlap mistakes.
  • Point & Click search locates specific code for each entity in part program.
  • Costing data, includes Time and Distance for all processes Cutting, Marking etc.
  • Simulation shows individual processes by colour and line type
  • Supports all additional machine processes including, marking, text marking, drilling, multiple torches, multi-torch nesting, Oxy-fuel & multi pass plasma bevel cutting and more.
  • Supports all combinations of machine and controller as well as ESSI, EIA and ISO NC languages in both Inch and metric.

FastPLOT™ is included in the FastCAM System.

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