FastCAM® Kerf

FastCAM® Kerf™ is now part of the FastCAM® System (Std & Pro versions) and is no longer available as a separate program.

Burny 3 control

Kerf Nest

Still wasting time on your Burny control???


For 30 years, the largest manufacturer of flame cutting controls has been BURNY. Perhaps 50,000 controls have been made and these used CPUs which were slow, but adequate for NC cutting speeds. However these ancient processors are perhaps 10,000x slower than today’s desktop computers and kerf compensation for a simple nest can take from 20 minutes of machine time to 8 hours in one case. Just about every owner of a BURNY cutting machine is waiting 20 minutes per job for his steam driven control to get started after he presses Start! Every job. This is 3 hours per day for 9 jobs per day, per machine. With FastCAM® Kerf™, an owner of a older BURNY 1250, 2.5, even 2.8 can be saving a minimum of 15 hours production per week, per machine. Someone with 3 machines can save 45 paid production hours per week!

Simply run your NC programs with FastCAM® Kerf™ software on your PC and watch them fly the moment they download to the controller! It's a very simple solution that doesn't require any IT knowledge or training. You begin cutting as soon as the program has loaded into memory of the control.

This simple program offers huge time savings on big nests with lots of arcs. No kerf calculations to slow your production; do in seconds what can take hours on the control.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Pre-Calculates kerf on your PC in seconds.
  • View graphic of NC code on-screen before and after.
  • Works with Word Address or ESSI code.
  • No training required.
  • Save minutes to hours per nest

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Listen to what our customers have to say about FastCAM® Kerf
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for your Kerf program, its saved me hours and hours since I installed it. Now I can cut as soon as I download my files.

Graham Siddons.
Plate Shop
Subject: FastCAM Kerf

FastCAM Kerf has saved me three hours in one cut, and I mean that!"
Anyone purchasing a table can save themselves big bucks on the downstroke, and over years of use. It's one hell-of-a-saving.

Specialty Fabrication
Subject: Burny Kerf Compensate

The kerf compensate option has saved us endless hours waiting for programs to load...

Dave Pruden
Stirling Stainless Steel