FastCAM Steel Profiling Software

FastCAM8 has a new look and feel!

New Ribbon Interface and simplified CAD toolbar

A handy all-in-one program for Part Creation 

We are pleased to announce that the FastCAM8 Drawing Editor is now available.   
We've made it easier and faster to accurately create precise geometric shapes as well as handle a number of common 3rd party digital files with ease: CAM, DXF, DWG, NC 1 and PDF files.  

  • huge library of popular shapes
  • **NEW - Ribbon interface.
  • **NEW -  Inbuilt Parametric Shape Library.
  • **NEW -  Simple radius dimensioning.
  • **NEW – Redesign of all program windows.
  • **NEW -  Bulk import of CAM to DXF.
  • Opening of large files and drawing of Control Points is now 40-50% faster.
  • Improved detail display for Entity verification.verify identify
  • **NEW – File OPEN dialog for better file previewing with CAM Part detail.
  • **NEW - User customizable popup Quick function menu.
  • **NEW - Drawing now resizable according to Window/screen size.
  • **NEW – User customizable Hotkeys for almost all functions.
  • **NEW – Improved adding/editing of Bevels.add and edit bevel information to your part
  • **NEW – Extend function.
  • **NEW – Verify Angle function.
  • Online program updates.
  • Quick Remote support link.
  • Licencing options now available for Single Desktop, Floating Network and Hosted environments (Citrix, Terminal server…)

The FastCAM8 NC System, with integrating drawing-toolpathing-nesting, is scheduled for release in Q1 2018.     

The FastCAM8 Drawing Editor subscription fee is $199 per year which includes electronic support and updates.  

FastCAM8 Drawing Editor brochurePDF brochure      

The FastCAM8 Drawing Editor can be purchased through our web store

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