STEP 1. Download and install FastSHAPES® - Bend for your industry
STEP 2. Run FastSHAPES® - Bend
A license screen will appear when you run FastSHAPES® - Bend displaying the serial number which is 8 characters in length.
Use your own serial number for step 3.
Sample image on the right shows location of the serial number
STEP 3. Secure Payment Through PayPal
Enter Your FastSHAPES - Bend® Serial Number in the box to the right and press the Buy Now button to proceed to Paypal to process payment.
Enter Serial Number here before clicking the buy now button. Valid characters are A to F, 0 to 9
STEP 4. License FastSHAPES® - Bend
An email will be sent to you shortly after your payment. Paste the license number contained in the email into the license screen of FastSHAPES® - Bend and then click the Apply New License button