FastCAM is eager to partner all types of resellers and independent machine builders and controller manufacturers with our reputable, high performance software solutions. FastCAM has business partners in North America, South America, China, Australia, New Zealand and Europe (Poland, UK, Czech, Hungary).


FastCAM is committed to supporting our Resellers and Service Agents with maximum profit from the sales of the largest and most affordable range of software products for metal processing. FastCAM products are international. The user selects a language and Measurement system (Inch or Metric) at the time of installation.

FastCAM has experience with the various commercial and practical elements of local regional sales and support. FastCAM resellers include machine manufacturers, distributors & resellers and retrofitters / 2nd hand machinery salespeople, machine tool houses, consumable businesses, CAD houses and CAD/CAM consultants.

FastCAM recognize the importance of local support and welcome any enquiries from potential FastCAM Service Agents. Individuals and companies are needed to assist us in servicing a growing market from our worldwide OEM sales. Such companies would consent to providing first level support and charge end users for localization of the software. Agents could also supply add-on user licenses and resell other products from the large FastCAM range however the primary need is the ability to provide service.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

We can match our software solutions to meet your needs and budget.


  • FastCAM® is purpose built for metal profiling
  • Designed for tradespeople
  • Simplest system to learn and operate
  • Easy to install, teach, support and maintain
  • Low Cost for Machine Builder
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership for User
  • FastCAM® is a famous brand with many thousands of systems around the world!
  • Simple but proven native language software is easier to install, train and support!
  • Easy 2D drawing editor allows tradespeople to draw a part and cut it as soon as they get their machine. No extra cost for the user to buy and learn complicated CAD software!
  • FastCAM® is a complete system to allow you to draw, nest and cut metals however it is compatible with other industry file standards such as AutoCAD (DXF) and Structural (DSTV).
  • Users can upgrade and add functionality and automation at any time in the future.
  • Users can add specialist programs such as complex space frame, pipe and plate shape development, profile quotation and more.
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