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    Will FastCAM work with Windows 10?
    Yes however if you have a dongle with the first four digits 1019 etched on the key you might experience problems - read our troubleshooting guide.
    Having problems with files running Windows 8/10?
    FastCAM can encounter problems with the current Windows operating systems where the User Account Control (UAC) is switched on meaning certain temporary files necessary to run FastCAM are placed into your Virtual Store Folder on Windows. This can cause a variety of bugs, and also make it impossible to save and retrieve old path settings for both FastCAM and FastNEST. Refer to the troubleshooting guide.
    What operating systems does FastCAM support?
    • FastCAM 7 works with most current Windows operating systems although you may need to upgrade to a compatible dongle and/or new drivers. Read More.
    • If you have FastCAM 5, which is a very old version, we recommend that you purchase the current version which is designed for modern pc's. If you choose to run unsupported software 'as is' on an old PC you do so at your own risk and we are unable to offer any future technical support.
    Is FastCAM compatible with 64-bit Windows?
    • Yes FastCAM 7 is compatible however you may need to download dongle drivers for Windows 8 and Windows 10 from our support area.
    How do I know what FastCAM Edition I have?
    FastCAM is sold in various editions as a retail and OEM product :
    • Run your program.
    • Open FastCAM and go to CONTROL POINTS and then ABOUT.
    • The first line under this menu should tell you the System Level (edition).
    • The last item lists the optional extras (functions) that may have been licensed.
    How can I find my License/Version number?
    In the event you are asked for your Version Number for either FastCAM or FastNEST:
    • There are two ways to go about finding your version number. Click here for more info.
    • If you have a dongle protected product, your License Number should also be etched on the key as shown on our Licensing & Security web page.
    • For other products, go to the menu item HELP.
    What is the current version of FastCAM?
    7 is the current Release and v7.6.109 is the latest compile number. Read the announcement in the support forum.
    What is the current version of FastCAM QE?
    QE is our Quotation System for processed steel and v5 is the current Release and v5.4.18 is the latest compile number. Upgrades and support are included in the monthly subscription cost and registered users can download the latest versions via our support area.
    Is the Chinese copy with my machine different?
    The Shanghai office maintains and supplies customized OEM versions of FastCAM to hundreds of machine builders throughout China, including a 'portable' edition which is limited to a range of 1.8m x 6.0m. Other FastCAM offices cannot provide support or bug fixes for these 'cut down' builds however we can offer the latest English/International copy at a discounted price which includes 30 days support. Please contact us for more information.
    Can I get a new dongle?
    This depends on how old your product is so please contact our support staff.

    Please provide your License Number (etched on the dongle) and your Software Version (see 'How do I find out what FastCAM version I have.') More on Licensing & Security.

    • If the dongle has malfunctioned, first verify that it is in fact faulty:
    • Is it connected firmly?
    • Is it bent?
    • Do you have power to your PC?
    • Is the LED light on?
    • Finally, check the dongle on another USB port or computer.
    Can I reinstall FastCAM on a new PC or OS?
    Yes. FastCAM offer a program to facilitate the changing of computer hardware or operating system however please be certain that your FastCAM version is compatible with the new operating system first. We also urge you to back up your working files before you make any changes.

    This program helps back up all your necessary FastCAM files, without having to know what the files are called, or where they are located. The download is free at

    Can I reinstall Download programs (e.g.FastCUT)?
    • Yes but you need to De-activate and Re-activate the software. Major hardware changes and operating system upgrades can negate software security settings and passwords in our Software Protected Products. There are video tutorials which you can access via our YouTubeChannel or in the KnowledgeBase of our Community Forum.
    "Operation not permitted by FastLOCK" message.
    This error is returned for various reasons:
    • Your dongle will not activate a specific function in the software because that feature was not enabled/purchased.
    • The functionality was purchased but the dongle was programmed incorrectly by us.
    • You are running an old version of FastCAM on an unsupported operating system.
    • Your dongle has malfunctioned.
    If you send our support team your dongle number and software version (if known) we will check it against our database.
    "Run time error 75" message.
    This message relates to a Path/File access error and is usually related to permissions, i.e. you are trying to save to a location on your computer that you do not have access to. To confirm if this is the case, try creating a folder in the same location. If you can't, then it is a permissions error and unrelated to the FastCAM program. If it is not a permissions error then you will need to contact our service department for further investigation.
    How do I change the language in FastCAM?
    FastCAM® offers a choice of language and measurement (Inch or Metric), at the time of installation.

    The default language is set by the original machine manufacturer. To change the language in FastCAM® follow these instructions.

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